Welcome to Wildfire!

Modelled on the informal style of New York’s Grill Restaurants, upstairs features the Wildfire Grill Restaurant offering a wide range of 11 different Cuts of Beef including Chateau Briand and the 20oz Ribeye cooked over coal as well as starters, salads, plates to share and a selection of other meats and local fish.

Why not organise to meet up for a Porn Star Cocktail in our Tapas Long Bar on the Ground floor before you dine…

Downstairs in the Tapas Restaurant you can relax and enjoy our Small Plates, Tapas, Steaks and Deli Lunch and Dinner options including our ‘Wildfire 16oz T-Bone Board, A Range of Fillets including Angus Steaks served at Cowhide Booths & Seating Areas – soaking up the casual yet contemporary and informal dining & drinking atmosphere. Drink at our Cocktail Bars Mojos and Fuegos Long Bar for classy cocktails and friendly welcoming staff which are synonomous with Wildfire.

Due to Covid-19 – Current Opening Times

Open 7 Days a Week 5.00-10pm

Open Wednesday – Saturday for Lunch

Open Sunday for Late-Lunch


Open 7 Days a Week

Dinner Bookings: 6pm – 10pm

Charity Lunch Bookings: 12pm – 4pm

Xmas Lunch/Dinner Bookings:

12pm  – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm

Same Timings As Above

Open 7 Days a Week

12pm – Late

Open 7 Days a Week

12pm – Late